Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Going for broke (just a bit!)

Oh me, oh my! 
What have I gone done now? 
I've only gone and ordered 100 Twelvemo Figures, haven't I!
So I'm just the tiniest bit excited and the tiniest bit broke. For tiniest bit please read massive enormous amount!

I haven't taken any more photos of the factory sample though, as I've been too busy having massive enormous fun with lots lovely people in  Co. Wexford in S.E. Ireland! The occasion was the very first exhibition at the new Sweet Shop Gallery in Rosslare Strand, and I sold a piece of work at the private view which was an extra good start to my little holiday! 

This is the work that sold, called Dandelion Clock. It's an old clock and barometer housing from the 1920s, with a falling white Twelvemo figure in one side and a parchment rose, laser cut from three layers of high quality hand-made paper, in the other. Both the circles are glazed with magnifying glass lenses. 

So, that was rather pleasing. What I don't understand though, is that having taken this item out in my hand baggage  (it must have been taking up 75% of the space available) and left the work there, my bag was every bit as full and heavy when I packed to leave again! It's not as if I cought anything really while I was there, and a friend has brought my beach souvenirs (a few rocks) back in his car, so how come?

It's so sweet, it really is! And Serena is going get so fit serving up the sweeties (stretch and twist and lift and so on) proper old fashioned ones ones, while the grown-ups can look at the art work. 

Go visit the Sweet Shop Gallery's Facebook page and 'like' it if you like it, and visit it in real life if you really like it! 
The Sweet Shop Gallery (facebook)

Anyway, when my holiday got too exciting I went to sleep in a bed made up with silk filled duvets and pillows, imported from Thailand by my friend where I was staying. How luxury is that! I'd never heard of such a thing but they are really lovely to sleep in and very surprising prices! Surprising in a good way - I thought they'd be way more costly! Have a look if you fancy really pampering yourself. I will when I have sold enough Twelvemo Figures. And paid off the massive overdraft - that probably should come before silk bedding, to be honest.
The Silk Connection (website)


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