Thursday, 13 December 2012

Now then, where was I...?

Oh yes.... ARGHHHHHH! I'll say it again in case you missed it first time...


I've been in waiting world, waiting day after day. I'm STILL waiting,  and I STILL haven't got the Twelvemo Figures from China. It's always next week, next week, next week. It has begun to feel like some congenital pathological condition, a delusion of that I can't shake off... Anyway, apparently it's going to be next week...

I couldn't bear to post anything about Twelvemo until I had good news of delivery but then in the end I couldn't resist this, which my friend made, and which is in keeping with the waiting theme of my life at the moment.

I've called it Twelvemo Tidies Up, in the absence of anything else.

Please feel free to suggest alternative titles. (I'll have to ask my mate if he wants his name credited or whether he actually has a title for the film already.)

In the meantime, as I am still waiting, the competition is still open, innit
For a chance or two to win one of the first Twelvemo Figures to get assembled and finished you just have to comment on this posting or follow this blog.

Or comment on the original competition posting:

Or 'like' the Twelvemo facebook page:

The competition will continue till I get the delivery from China. Then, when I have Twelvemo Figures ready I'll put all the names in a hat and draw at random. 

I might let you all know when I plan to do it so I can announce it on the blog when it happens. 
It will happen, one day! 
Sure it will! (once more with feeling! 
Sure it Will!!!