Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lost and Found

I found a couple of disks of images I though were lost, but the ones I hoped would be there are still nowhere to be found. Ah, well... Hope you like this one which was taken by a (former) colleague, Pete Sherwood, in 2009. I styled the image but he took the shot.

I want to print this one up really large , so Twelvemo is life size.  The 38 charms, collected since my childhood, would become gigantic pieces of lost archeological treasure! 

Still waiting patiently... It should be in mid July that I take delivery of my order., so it's not like it's late or anything. I sure hope that choosing a custom-mixed colour resin will be worth the bother, because that's the reason it's taking so long! If I didn't get that done I'd have had them by now.


  1. Have you ever considered writing a book with Twelvemo images as the illustrations? She always seems to be in some kind of narrative, a tale being told. See, this is an intriguing picture, chains and wealth, something is going on. Maybe a grown-up picture book or a graphic novel?
    You have my sympathy about the lost pictures; it can be very frustrating. Good luck and I hope you find them.

  2. That's a nice idea about a graphic novel. All the work I do with Twelvemo (you are right) has a strong narrative seam running through it, but sometimes it is very vague... I'm not sure how to pin it down quite yet!
    As for the lost pictures-well, I'll just have to re-create them! I can picture the two that I want quite well. Finding the time is the thing!