Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Starting the Finishing

I couldn't resist trying out the antiquing finish on the figures and I'm pleased with how she's looking. This is still just the sample resin colour though, not the custom mixed Pantone colour that I've specified. They won't be so yellowish colored when I get the real thing.

The finish brings out the details of the face and hands nicely. Applying the finish, dirtying the figure down like this, isn't about pretending that the figure is a genuinely old artifact, but it does support the notion that she is, in a way, an ancient thing; she's simply a human and we've been around for a long time, relative to humanity of course. Humanity has been around since the beginning of history!


Playing around with the depth of field

Stands alone in some positions, even on one leg!

A couple of pictures so you can get a good sense of the scale of the figure

That's all folks! For the moment...

Only a few more weeks to go now. I must be patient. And I really ought to get on with something else, because I'm not going to want to do another project once they are delivered, am I!

All images  on this blog ©Sarah Beare 2012


  1. I think the antiquing is great - it highlights the detail in the sculpt!!

  2. Crikey you commented almost before I'd hit the publish button! Thanks!

  3. OmG I just sooo cannot WaiT! The antiquing looks amazing - truly brings out her unique and gorgeous jointing as well as her lovely features - Gorgeous!

  4. Oh also - Had to HooT over the "scale" pix - am hopelessly confused now! How many centimeters or mms tall is she?

    For example TiGGy is 11cms - if I remember correctly LOL!

  5. Haha! Glad that got you going. I love messing about with the scale of things...
    Twelvemo is about 14 cm tall, so pretty small really, and can fit really nicely in the palm of your hand.

  6. Oh you tease! The scale photos? You almost had me!

    Anyway, I love the patina on her and I really like how it brings out the modelling. How long before you get your first production models?

  7. You are an amazing doll maker !!!!! soooo beautiful !

  8. I want to win the raffle!!!!!