Sunday, 29 July 2012

WIN a Twelvemo Figure!

Ah rats!  I emailed the factory because I need to know WHEN!!! And the answer was that there have been typhoons that have closed the factory a few times in July, but I am not to worry, the order is nearly ready, and will be ready by 'the next weekend' which I take to mean the weekend starting tomorrow... Argh! It's so frustrating! I just wanna start putting them together. I have such itchy fingers at the moment. 

The competition continues, by the way! 

If you comment on this post or follow the Twelvemo blog or like Twelvemo's Facebook page (or all three) between now and when I get the delivery from China, I'll put your name in a raffle to win a Twelvemo Figure, which will be one of the very first to get assembled.

Anyway, a couple of young friends came round mine yesterday. They went on the trampoline for about a minute and a half, then came back in and made these arrangements in the front room. I thought you might like to see them.

This was by both the girls. 
They are both 10 and a half (or even three-quarters).

This was by Celeste.

This was by Flora.

I like them, both the girls and their arrangements!   

Animation inspired by my brother's balancing act....  

Click on the first picture and then scroll through the photos with the mouse button (or with arrow keys)  and you'll see Twelvemo spin around! (Thanks Wilkies!) 

So I have added some duplicates of the images so the effect goes on for longer. That's why there are now so many on this page.

This is how to make an animation but get someone else to animate it for you! I'm rather liking like this as a way to show the figure in three dimensions, and have been taking all round pictures of some of the sculptural arrangements for some time, so I have another one in the pipeline already, of a lantern full a marbles, bearing a Twelvemo figure on a giant miniature chair!

That's probably enough of those to be getting on with!

No sticky stuff of any kind other than the magic of gravity is holding Twelvemo in position. And she isn't leaning on the whisk, in case you thought she might be...

The little twig broom is one of my oldest and most treasured possessions. I found it in among some plants  and leaves, down by a drain at my Granny Beare's house when I was really, really little, about four or five. Granny lived in a long, low, old, pink, thatched farmhouse in devon, and the brush probably dates from the 1920s or something. She was a good Granny, bless her. Another thing I remember was crawling on the rush matting and thinking 'Jeeze, this hurts my knees! It hurts my knees more than my hands, and it scrapes my ankles and the tops of my feet.' I reckon I probably learnt to walk during that holiday!

Anyway, back to the point. It took ages to stand her on one hand. Ages! Hope you like the photos. 

This one? God knows what this one's about!

Please follow and share! I'm liking all the comments that are coming :-)

The competition continues... 

I'm bored waiting and having no news to get excited about, so in an effort to drum up interest here's an idea... If you comment on this post or follow the Twelvemo blog or like Twelvemo's Facebbok page (or all three) between now and when I get the delivery from China, I'll put your name in a raffle to win a Twelvemo Figure, which will be one of the very first to get assembled.

To be in with a chance all you have to do is click a few!

In the mean time... Here are a few photos of some interesting things I've done with the Twelvemo figures at some point... Hope you like them!.

And look what my brother managed to do! Stood Twelvemo on one hand!!! 
'Stands alone in some positions' or what!

That would be the very same brother who made the music on this video with Men From Atlantis. Check out his websites if you are are liking what you hear...

RengRang Records     and      Dub From Atlantis

Many thanks for this raffling notion to my friend Ella Goodwin, who makes beautiful, witty, quirky things, sometimes but not always cat related. 
Go have a look!     Animella