Saturday, 7 June 2014

Twelvemo Figures for SALE at last!

Look what I have come up with! Twelvemo Figures, 6 of them, going on sale in my Etsy shop for £250 each right after this posting has been published! This is an introductory price, and if I don't get quicker and more efficient at making them it might have to go up!

OK, so I have made 9 altogether but the very first one is going to my super-kind sponsor who put up the money to get equipped to do this whole thing. Hopefully it will be the first of  a great many Twelvemo Figures! And two I am going to keep for myself, you know, for the archive...

So, what do you think, people?

I have been learning loads and loads about the de-gassing chamber and spin-caster, the raw materials of silicone rubber and polyurethane resin, how the casts are affected by heat, cold, moisture, what my MOOD is, and  so on. Most of all I am learning about making the moulds. Ultimately, this is where is where ALL the answers lie, pretty much, and I have a MUCH better idea, now, how to make the next one. This is good. It means less guessing than when I first started out on this venture. The moulds that made this lot are no good any more but the next mould I make is going to be better. 
So a fair amount of blood sweat and tears and money have been invested into these Twelvemos. They are not perfect and flawless but they work and hold together well. They stay in position. The parts will come apart if you want them too (gently, please!) and they go back together again with a gentle twist and a little pressure. I have dropped bits on the floor a few times and nothing has broken (don't go trying this at home though) except if the resin part is fresh out of the mould and hasn't had time to cure properly. Each part of each figure has been finished by hand, lovingly and rather laboriously. 
The flashing and sprues (where the reisn goes into the mould and air vents from it) have been filed and smoothed. The tiny air bubbles that have sneaked in have been filled, sanded and smoothed.The whole figure has been painted with several diluted coats of Milliput, to blend the white of the resin with the more opaque white of the Milliput. I have a pplied a finish of beeswax to the joints and lightly all over. THis has mellowed the white colour, but is mostly there because it makes the joints nice and stiff and grippy so she holds her poses really well. The beeswax would cause problems with re-painting though, so if you want an un-coated figure please ask me. (No reduction in price)  andI can instruct you how to do the beeswax in the joints yourself when you have painted because it makes a big difference to the pose-ability. 

Ah.... I have mre photos showing process but I can't wait to publish this posting and put them for sale, so they'll have to wait. Anyway, I am in Brighton this weekend, having a little break! Shouldn't be working at all to be honest!

I'd be delighted if you share the Etsy page or this blog posting, or TWEET about Twelvemo on my behalf, if you are tweeting type. 

I am pretty happy with how things are going at last, and owe a great deal of gratitude to my lovely sponsor, who will soon be receiving the first Twelvemo Figure. It was their generosity and faith in the project that have made this latest development possible.