Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dressing up and showing our interests!

勝つ競争 Twelvemo!

Last night we went out of town to a lovely funny little old bookshop. Very left bank it was:
I spoke about my animation of Dogu figures and Twelvemo, and then Tasha spoke of her family museum of costume and textiles. She work an amazing 60's psychedelic catsuit with backcombed hair and all. Then she changed into a Victorian governess outfit. Thos present loved it all, is my impression. 

Here are some pics of the evening, and also some photos of the shopping in town. The Japanese arrange everything SO beautifully!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I should have started a different blog for this really...

If you want the "Win a Twelvemo" page please go to this post and comment! 
Or go to Twelvemo's Facebook page and like it. Or do both to double your chances!

Back to Japan...
Had the privilege of meeting a world class paper maker, who has invited us to visit her workshop after the Aomori visit! She is lovely, and she likes us!