Wednesday, 9 May 2012

*Twiddles thumbs...

I'm waiting patiently... Sent the master off nearly two weeks ago so I should be getting the new sample back again in a few days, and have decided on a Pantone colour for the resin and told the factory. 

Have got loads and loads of other little domestic tasks done since, but I don't know if I'm clearing the decks ready for the next project (apart from Twelvemo - that's on-going) or procrastinating like mad to avoid starting the next project! (I think I must be procrastinating as I've even made an appointment at the dentist. I usually do other things to avoid doing that!)

Took down the work in the exhibition, which finished on Saturday, with about 15 people going on the last day! Have had lovely feedback from people I don't even know about the work, and I've sold, I hope, three pieces of work from the show, which is excellent! 

I've also just had a message from someone asking the price of a gold Dolossie in a magnifying book, having seen the silver one listed in my Etsy shop: Cool! Had to do a quick calculation there... If the person wants to buy I'll have to make a specific listing for the item, 'cos the listing as it is is just for silver ones.

Please follow my blog and share if you like this and think others will too. 

I need to build up the numbers of Twelvemo fans, so when I get 100 sent to me from China I have some reason to start putting them together! I think the novelty of assembling the new figure will wear off pretty quickly, and I'll be relying on commercial motivations!

Must. Get. On. With. Something. Else...

*Lightbulb moment!

First I'll finish taking better shots of the exhibition pieces and I'll pop them up here when I have edited them. That will keep me safely out of mischief for another few hours or days...

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  1. Ooh! A gold one? That would look sweet!
    And I have to admit that making a dentist appointment is pretty serious procrastination... I'm really impressed. I thought I was a Master of Procrastinators, but you win!