Friday, 18 May 2012

Photos From China

Twelvemo will be sent on her way to the UK on Monday! 

Here are a few photos from the factory in China. Not the best pictures in the world but she's looking good to me. I think the neck pieces haven't been pushed in far enough,and the head is poorly angled, but the face looks right, the parts all look clean and tidy. This resin is still just their regular prototyping colour, and they'll have to mix up the actual colour I've requested specially. 

All the (32) pieces for one figure will be in a bag, in a white box. I asked if they can make the box a size that will hold the assembled figure, and they agreed. I don't know what they will be like, these chinese boxes... I'm hoping that they'll be good enough to send the figures off in when purchased too, maybe in a padded envelope. I need to design a label to stick on the boxes, and perhaps I should buy a bar code for them too. Th factory said they'd throw in a few thousand lengths of rod of the right thickness and colour, for me to put them together. 

I wonder how quickly the novelty of assembling them will wear off, once I have got started? I remember the very first casts I took of the very first Twelvemo. I couldn't believe I'd made this thing out of plastic . I've always been into natural and traditional materials; silver or silk or mother of pearl, ebony, ivory and so on Not that I ever made anything out of ivory I don't think. Ok, and resin may not strictly be plastic, I don't know. (Anyone care to enlighten me?)



I'm looking forward to getting the sample delivered and placing an order for... Hmm... One hundred seems to be a good number to begin with, don't you think? Had another message from a complete stranger saying they'd buy one if it was cheaper, so I seem to be building up a fan-base. Should I number the first hundred? I hope it will be the first of some/many/dozens of hundreds... I want Twelvemo to take over the world! To become a cypher for the imagination of others, an agent of expression, play, posture and articulation! (Mwah Ha Ha Ha *evil cackle)

Hopefully I'm just a few weeks away from achieving a long-held ambition. If they can deliver the pieces in a couple of weeks, and then I take a couple of weeks to get a few assembled, finished, photographed, boxed, labelled... So, there's a little way to go yet...

I will be so gutted if I'm barkin' up the wrong tree on this one and no-one is actually interested in shelling out and purchasing, even when they are more affordable. I think I'd have to retire from Fantasy World entirely (the place where my skills are so valuable I can make good money from them) and take up intensive yoga or guitar practice or something!

OK... Must go and do something else, as I have go on for far longer than I intended.
Please share and follow and stuff!  Still haven't quite worked out how I do it myself...

One more thing.. These little soundtracks made for my Dancing Dolossies animantion... I've put all three here, one after another and then layered them together. Which one do you like most? It's a work in progress, not signed off or anything, just a little doodle!

They were made by Jonathan Lambert:


  1. You seem to be intimidated by the assembly process . . . have you considered selling some in 'kit' form so people can do it themselves and you can save yourself some time and effort? Or is it too fiddly/difficult to explain to the average buyer? Or do you even know the difficulty level of assembly?

  2. Soundtracks? I like the first and love the second.I was even wondering if they could be combined, so the metallic jangly sound would be behind the chiming music.

    Plastic Twelvemo looks like she's really coming together! I can see what you mean by the neck piece. It just needs to be slotted right into the neck hole, right? And yes, assembly is going to be dull. There's always a part of doll making that is dull. Me? I hate clipping curves on a seam. Boring!

    Is it all right if I share your progress on my blog? The whole idea of getting dolls made in bigger numbers is fascinating.