Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mount Fuji, on my birthday!

We decided that a visit to see (not climb) Mount Fuji would be nicer than a night in Tokyo, and we were right. Stunning! (You'll have to take my word for it though as these are no the best photos in the world.)

Then we did more shopping and spent one night in Kyoto, and took the train to Osak for the last few days, staying at Sahoko's flat. She is so lovely, is Sahoko!

 More shopping in Kyoto

 This is Tasha in Sahoko's flat in Osaka

 Sahoko and Coco cyan
 Now a bunch of photos taken at the Oaska Ethnography museum, some of which are in our friend Peter's lab, where he is researching into the origins of the taro plant. Very interesting!

  This was Peter's explanation of the taro plant's spread through the world.
The National Museum of Ethology is absolutley wonderful! 
The displays are beautiful and the diversity and richness is simply breathtaking. 
Well worth a visit if you are in Osaka! 

 Lovely waterfall and maple trees, then more Ethnology. Honestly, my laptop is behaving like an uncooperative 6 year old, in terms of keeping things in order! Sorry about this. It was a more logical sequence when I took the pictures, it really was!

 My ideal job: Making model houses for museums. I'd be very good at it too!

 This is Sahoko's mum, showing us some beautiful Kimonos. She doesn't look like a woman of about 75 but she is, and she didn't even start scuba diving till she was 70 (She still can't swim, mind you!)

This loom was the very beginnings of the Toyoto company!


  1. Congratulations and Happy birthday to You!
    It really looks like you have had a Super fine Birthday!

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