Monday, 23 April 2012

Some Time Later...

So, quite a few evenings and a bit of weekend have been spent shaving fractions of millimeters from the face, and painting on Milliput with tiny brushes to define the features and clean it up.  I'm never happier than when doing this kind of thing, and this is a very good job. When I think of all the dozens and dozens of hours I've spent doing the other face wrong I should want to weep! I suppose I don't actually want to weep because it's possible to learn more from our mistakes that we learn from our successes, if we care to think about it... 

The moral of the story?

... If I think it's probably not quite right, then it probably isn't. If I think I may have taken it too far I almost certainly have taken it too far. I really should learn to listen to the advice a small sensible part of me is trying to give to the enthusiastic artist in me....

I will have a last look tonight before I pack her up and send her off again. I promise I will only do a tiny bit to improve her complexion and I swear that I won't get structural with her.

You can see some of my customised Twelvemos on my Etsy shop: 

I really, really want to see what other people would do with them. That's why I want to make them more affordable. I think it might turn into quite an interesting kind of collaboration!

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