Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Little Plastic Surgery

Some pictures of the two faces, compared:

I'm refining the older version, cleaning it up, trying to define the eyes better. What do you reckon?

Not finished yet, I'd like to point out...

Unfortunately I also had to fix a design flaw in the right thigh, and re-model the torso, which was oddly lopsided. All these things are my fault not the factory's.  It's amazing how clearly you can see flaws when you have had a good break from working intensively  on something. And when it has been remade by someone else in really clean and consistent material.


  1. it's hard for me to tell from these photos exactly the changes you've made. i can see what the factory has done. there look is more perky and cheery and a bit more asian.... yours seems more somber. i am really really eager to know the application you are intending for these!!! will you be telling us soon?!!?

  2. I want her to go out into the world, in large numbers, at an affordable price, so that everyone can have one! My theory/hope is that this is a fine art product that has mass marketing potential. I can't be the only person in the world who has wanted to have a small articulated human figure but who wants one that doesn't come with a movie or comic-book narrative, or off-the-planet stereotyping already attached.
    The factory didn't change the face. I did it before I sent her off, but it was a mistake. I only meant to refine the eyes and eyelids a bit, and take away the 'scar' from the original casting, that runs down her face. Just got a bit carried away...
    I took the old face and have re-modelled it now. If you can't see much change on the next blog post, which shows it pretty much finished then I'm pleased actually. Back to her pretty, youthful, but neutral face (in my opinion).