Wednesday, 2 July 2014

In the Box!

I've spent a lovely afternoon designing a box I could cut on the laser cutter, and was quite pleased when I thought of cutting the name into the box top. Now I can cut these as and when I need, instead of scrabbling around for cardboard tubes and sticky labels and bubble wrap and stuff!

I posted the first one to my wonderful sponsor who funded the start up costs of buying and making the spin caster, the vacuum chamber and the raw materials. (Thank you so much!) And I have sold one Twelvemo from the Etsy shop! Both figures have been received and they are loved already I think. 

"she seems sturdy, moves beautifully, stands with ease"
"the texture you have achieved feels almost like soapstone"

Both figures are going to be used in various creative and expressive ways as their owners are accomplished artists. Can't wait to see what they come up with and hope to share some images when they do. 

Please like and share and follow the blog, the shop or the Twelvemo Facebook page if you want to support this project, which, as you know, I have fair bust a gut over!

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