Tuesday, 19 November 2013

For a Limited Period Only...

I have been beavering away in my workshop and planning an event for the end of the month. I know most of you people are flung rather far and wide, but if any of you are passing through Norwich at the end of November please do drop in and say hello! This is going to be quite good fun really I think. Opening afternoon is Monday 25th November, from 3 pm ish to about 7 or so.  Join me then for a glass of wine! 

Items below are for sale on my Etsy shop

Large Skellie is the cupboard is about 29cm and cost £70
The large Skellie on its own is £40

Small Skellie is the cupboard is about 15cm and costs £50
The small Skellie on its own is £20

These tiny wee Skellies are 10cm cm tall (4 inches)  and cost £10 each 

Each one comes packed in a little bag of black, white or ivory organza. 

You ought really to buy yourselves a whole handful of them! 
(Send me a private message and I'll cut you a deal for multiple purchases of Skellie Babies)

Go on... Unique and bargainous!


You can probably tell that I have  been having a great deal of fun making these items, though I am now pretty knackered as I have been staying up till stupid-o-clock far too many nights in a row, and it hasn't been without its misadventures I can tell you. 

I kind of crashed my fabulous machine one night recently. God knows how, but one bit got jammed under another and I couldn't get the cutting bed to move down. It auto focused on a gap in the acrylic sheet and the pointer got stuck in the bed, then it tried to re-set itself. Or maybe that was me that tried to re-set it.... I have a show to put on it one week and the technical people are in Dublin. I thought that was it - no more Skellies or parchment roses or flat-pack Christmas trees... 

Anyway, I took the front off, and then the sides, to have a look, thought about taking a more scary bit off, remembered the warranty and didn't, fiddled and peered, until eventually, with patient and skilled use of a tiny allen key I succeeded in removing the ruler wedging the laser arm down on the bed, and LO! I got it up and running again two hours after it crashed. 

Most of the two hours had been spent peering and puzzling how to get to anything I could do anything to that might help.  Happy? Oh, Sweet Heaven! I felt like I had crashed a Ferrari or something, and escaped to find that I am unharmed and the car is fine. Very lucky me. Have been wary of the auto focus ever since.

If you have got this far down you are obviously fairly interested so I am going to paste the whole of the poem I wrote to promote the shop before I realised it was just the littlest bit too much for a flier... 
Roll Up! Roll Up!

To Sarah's Little Pop-Up Shop:

A Slightly Retrospective Rummage Sale

Of Creative Curiosities and Diverse Delights

To All And Sundry

The World And His Wife

You Me And The Gate-Post (Plus One Or More)

Are Invited To Turn Up (As And When)

At Nunns Yard

Between 10am and 6pm

25th-29th November

(Also 30th November 9am to 12 Noon)

To View And Perchance To Purchase

From A Weird And Wonderful Array

Of Odds And Ends (And Bits And Bobs)

Gimcracks And Gew-Gaws

Knick Knacks And What-Nots

A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That

One Thing And Another

Funny Peculiar

And Funny Ha-Ha

Ornate And Elaborate

Some Exhibits Are Guaranteed To Contain

Missing And Incomplete Parts

Including But Not Limited To

Laser Cut Novelties

Skeletons In The Cupboard

Paper Christmas Trees

Tiny Silver Dancers

Flat Pack Candelabra

Parchment Roses

Handmade Books

Etchings And Screen-Prints

And Fired Glass Panels

25th - 29th November Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

And Saturday 30th 9am - 12 Noon

Nunns Yard, 31 St Augustines St, Norwich, NR3 3BY

Right, that's all for now folks. Sorry I don't seem able do regular blogging like a normal person. I do binge blogging. You've been very good to read all the way and can go and make yourselves a cup of tea now. Or after you have shared and commented of course. 

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