Monday, 27 August 2012

Up a small mountain and down it again

Haven't got time to write much right now, but here are some photos from today. 

This is a platform built over the river. All the restaurants are like this one.

Sahoko looking very happy! 
I hope she is enjoying our visit as much as we are. 
She looks like she is!

The Japanese government  is encouraging people to wear traditional clothing by offering discounts to those wearing them, so you see quite a lot of young people, the guys as well as the girls, visiting tourist spots dressed like this. 
(Well, the guys outfits are a bit less elaborate!)

We ate mountain river fish, which was sweet and lovely. 
It has a pale green sauce made from a mountain herb that is only used for this fish, and apart from that is regarded as a completely useless weed! (How particular is that?)

If it`s a temple it is Buddhist, and if it`s a shrine it is Shinto. I have the impression that you can kind of follow both (but I may be wrong.)

Tassles on the tree mean it is protected and sacred.

Gigantic bamboo! It ust have been about 30 foot tall, and the photo was taken from above.

The orange colour of temples is pretty much a protected and patented colour and is called `Ni`. Much easier to make rhymes with than `orange`!

I think this feller is a troll of the sacred mountain...
We ate here;  many kinds of chicken dishes including batter fried breast bone gristle and chicken gizzard. The gizzard defeated me and I wasn`t that keen on the gristle , but everything else was really delicious. (Thanks go to Junzo, a friend, for broadening my mind on this front!) Another tasty thing we ate today, earlier on, was a sweet a bit like Turkish delight made from mountain grass (may have been a fern actually) and dusted with a coating of green tea powder!

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  1. great pictures... ..especially the trees and the roots I love very much